We need your help!

Samraksha is supported largely by local corporate and individual donors. The COVID-19 situation is affecting our funding stream, and we are concerned about our ability to retain our team and maintain program continuity for the young people with whom we work. Staff in the role of mentors play a huge role in the programme and it is critical to have continuity so that they can build a relationship. Even during periods of lockdown, staff have been working from their own homes to maintain daily communication with each of our participants and their families. We have been able to provide psychosocial support during difficult times and also ensuring they are getting the nutritional and medical support they require to stay as physically healthy as they can.

Any contribution, no matter how small, will help ensure that our work continues.

Samraksha maintains high levels of transparency and accountability in its functioning and have been certified as a God Seal Organization by GuideStar India, a renowned NGO certification Authority.