Samraksha is a grassroots organization, which strongly believes that people- as individuals and as communities- can bring about change for the better through their own efforts and initiatives. In the last 25 years, Samraksha has witnessed this capacity of people time and again, in various contexts. Samraksha started its work in the HIV sector and worked with some of the most vulnerable people like women in sex work, sexual minorities and people affected by HIV.  

This was way back in 1993 when there was very little understanding about HIV and people who had HIV or who were thought to be responsible for spreading HIV faced extreme levels of discrimination. Samraksha focused on helping these people identify and develop their own capacities and challenge their discrimination. Today, many of these groups are leading a vibrant response to HIV on their own. They are looking not only at HIV prevention, care or support but also at the overall empowerment and development of their people. Samraksha is committed to catalyzing responses like this in the communities so that they are able to address the different social issues they face.


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