Help Us continue with our resilience building programme with vulnerable adolescents by sponsoring one phone!

Request for Support


Samraksha requires 100 phones to ensure all children the programme have access to learning and resources. We seek your  support to provide these phones for the children and continue their resilience building process. A small gesture will go a long way in building a future for these children. Every contribution will help.

One of Samraksha’s core programmes is the resilience building programme, where we are working with 150 vulnerable adolescents/pre adolescents in HIV affected families in Koppal district.


These children are facing many difficulties in life- around a third of them are themselves HIV positive. Around 70% of them have lost one parent due to HIV. A third of them have lost both parents. They are coping with grief, watching their parents struggle with HIV, taking on caregiving and income generation responsibilities far beyond their age and capacity.


Samraksha’s programme  is focused on building resilience through strengthening life skills, and enhancing social support networks within the family, among peers  and in the immediate environment strengthening scholastic performance and providing mentorship


This has meant getting groups together for regular interactions every week. The COVID related lockdown and restrictions on mobility have affected the delivery of this programme significantly. In the last six months, the Samraksha team has tried to continue this programme online. But over 80% of the families don’t have access to smart phones. Samraksha would like to continue our regular group sessions and interactions using online platforms like Zoom. This will give them a chance to participate regularly in sessions. Being in touch with their peers in the group is critical for the mental health of these adolescents.


Having access to these devices will also give the children an opportunity for further learning beyond our own programme , through access to internet and different apps. Because of the life circumstances of these children there are huge gaps in their education, and many are barely literate despite being in high school. Having a dedicated device can help them use many of the AI based features available to further their learning.

 This initiative will  also develop positive engagement with technology through this initiative, where the children will learn to use the phones responsibly, productively and creatively and parents/carers will also take responsibility for supervising the usage of the phones. These are vital skills for both of them. 


 Samraksha maintains high levels of transparency and accountability in its functioning and have been certified as a God Seal Organization by GuideStar India, a renowned NGO certification Authority.